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2019 Longevity Project: Thriving at Altitude

A four-part series unlocking the mysteries of human health at altitude and celebrating those who live life at altitude to the max.

Learn about our special Longevity Project 2019 culminating event in October and purchase tickets HERE.

Part 1: National Geographic explorer Mike Libecki shares his philosophy on living long and living boldly

Mike Libecki believes there are two ways we experience life. 

The first involves joy — family, parties, births, reunions, food.

The second includes death, defeat, sadness, exhaustion. To Libecki, that’s just pre-joy. 

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Part 2: How life at altitude impacts people — and animals

People living at higher altitudes tend to be healthier, but definitive evidence as to why remains elusive. Nevertheless, there are many impacts high altitudes have on the human and animal body.

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Part 3: Coming Sept. 23

Part 4: Coming Sept. 30

Celebrating those who thrive at altitude

Locals who are living their best lives at 7,000 feet. Click on each link to read more about these individuals.

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