Thriving at Altitude: Dallas Bailes |

Thriving at Altitude: Dallas Bailes

Dallas Bailes
Courtesy photo

Editor’s note: As part of our Longevity Project: Thriving at Altitude series we celebrate local residents who are making the most of living in Steamboat and Routt County.

Age: 44

Give 3 examples of how this person is thriving at altitude.

Dr. Dallas Bailes is what I would call an elite athlete — a “longevity” physician who trains at Manic almost daily, an avid snowboarder, backcountry explorer and intense mountain biker.

How does this person inspire you?

Dr. Bailes inspires his staff at Steamboat Emergency Center by hosting wellness challenges, offering paid yoga and Manic training and giving employees monthly bonuses to use toward wellness programs, memberships or equipment of their choice. I can’t think of a more rad and fit 44-year-old in Steamboat.

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