Thriving at Altitude: Traci Haitt |

Thriving at Altitude: Traci Haitt

Traci Hiatt
Courtesy photo

Editor’s note: As part of our Longevity Project: Thriving at Altitude series we celebrate local residents who are making the most of living in Steamboat and Routt County.

Give 3 examples of how this person is thriving at altitude.

Traci Hiatt is an incredible mom and has shined through a tough adoption process. She gives herself and her talents at work to help support 70-plus realtors in their business without ever complaining. She goes above and beyond to serve others. She thrives in dance, not only for herself, but has three to four certifications in different disciplines. She gives her time to help others get fit at health and recreation and teaches the itty-bitty kids to love dance.

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