Thriving at Altitude: Sarah Simon |

Thriving at Altitude: Sarah Simon

Age: 49

Give 3 examples of how this person is thriving at altitude.
Sarah was born in the old Yampa Valley Hospital, birthweight 4 pounds, 11 ounces, a twin (brother in Denver). So, she started life in our high altitude challenged, as no incubators were available.

She and husband Dan are incredibly active — hiking, climbing, skiing, yoga and more virtually every day — and have raised their two children in the same mold. They put more in a day than seems possible.

Now their two kids are entering college, and it is “that” chapter of their lives. They are downsizing their home appropriately now, but not their active lifestyle — she is employed full-time but still runs several miles a day or paddleboards or climbs to Emerald Mountain’s peak or some such and will likely do this another 50 years. She will reach her half-century mark early in 2020. 

How does this person inspire you?
I think she inspires me by her pure love of life here in this community.

What life lessons can community members learn from this individual?
Others could benefit from knowing she’s not a marathoner or daredevil skier, but simply a woman in the middle of her life cycle who does it all quietly, making the phrase “Just Do It!” meaningful to me and many others.  And she’s a nice, nice person.

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