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Short-Term Rentals

With non-stop discussion regarding short-term rentals in Steamboat Springs, it’s hard to keep straight what’s been regulated, what’s been voted on and what is expected to change. 
The new short-term rental regulations and upcoming vote on a STR tax are complex topics that are tied to the massive Brown Ranch project, all of which are broken down here. 
Scroll down to learn more about Brown Ranch and short-term rental regulations around the mountains and further reading on STRs in Steamboat Springs. 

New regulations

In early June, Steamboat Springs City Council approved a short-term rental overlay zone that put restrictions on how many short-term rentals can exist in certain parts of the city, as well as licensing requirements. 
While short-term rentals are prohibited in much of the city, existing STRs may apply for legal nonconforming use. 

How the new regulations work

The overlay zone