Thriving at Altitude: Lester ‘Jay’ Mayes |

Thriving at Altitude: Lester ‘Jay’ Mayes

Lester "Jay" Mayes
Courtesy photo

Editor’s note: As part of our Longevity Project: Thriving at Altitude series we celebrate local residents who are making the most of living in Steamboat and Routt County.

Age: 71

Give 3 examples of how this person is thriving at altitude.

Jay Mayes will be 71 years old in October, but you’d never know it. He skis all winter, he fly-fishes and rides his bike all summer, and in the shoulder seasons, he does elliptical workouts at home or uses weights at the gym.

How does this person inspire you?

Jay inspires me daily. His motto is “Younger Next Year,” and he strives to improve upon his physical achievements every year. He also eats healthy and always sees the glass as half full.

What life lessons can community members learn from this individual?

I believe Jay sets an example that any maturing member of the community can learn from. His example is to keep moving, keep striving to do better and keep a smile on your face.

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