Super Seniors: Richard ‘Rick’ Overstake |

Super Seniors: Richard ‘Rick’ Overstake

Richard “Rick” Overstake, 77

Editor’s note: The Steamboat Pilot & Today asked readers to tell us about their favorite seniors over the age of 75 and then we asked these Super Seniors to share their secrets to living a long and healthy life. 

Richard “Rick” Overstake

Age: 77

Super powers: Overstake is an avid tennis and golf player. He still has a 4.0 tennis rating in his seventh decade of life and is known for hitting winners down the lines and for painting the lines with his lobs. Overstake plays tennis four days a week and golfs three days a week. He skis in Steamboat and loves the snow but also grew up playing football and ice hockey. Athletics keeps this gentleman young.

What are your secrets to living a long and healthy life?

“It’s impossible to deny the importance of genetics. I feel, personally, it is the most important contributing factor to longevity. Other factors are moderation in all things, including diet and exercise. I have played sports my entire life, and I was fortunate to have been raised in Colorado where almost every activity was available in my youth. I am also a former U.S. Army infantry officer. As you can imagine, fitness was a huge part of our mantra. I have tried to maintain some semblance of the infantry soldier my whole life. As a veteran of combat, I must tell you ‘Buena Suerte’ — good luck — is the factor in surviving those rigors.”

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