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Letter: Transparency in COVID-19 testing


To Routt County Public Health epidemiologists Dr. Fritha Morrison and Dr. Nicole Harty, Routt County Public Health Medical Officer Dr. Brian Harrington and Routt County Public Health Director Roberta Smith,

Over six weeks ago, a Colorado Open Records Act request was submitted to the Routt County Public Health Department seeking the cycle threshold values of COVID PCR tests that we rely on as the basis for our public policy. Unfortunately, the Routt County Public Health Department has yet to make this information available to the community.

Considering the wide range of serious impacts these restrictions and quarantines have on individuals, families and the community at large, we think transparency is critical, and citizens should know the truth regarding the cycle threshold values and subsequent accuracy of our COVID tests.

We feel the passage of six weeks has provided the Routt County Public Health Department sufficient time to gather the information and make it available to the community.

We simply want to know the truth about the accuracy of the COVID PCR tests our community has relied on as the basis of our public policy. We hope you understand the importance of transparency and look forward to your response to this important matter.

Respectfully submitted by the following citizens of Routt County,

Ana Acosta, John Adams, Scott Agnew, Jennifer Schubert-Akin, Kristie Anderson, Nate Antell, Phil Armstrong, Michelle Avery, Billy Banks, Lyndsey Beasley, Debby Beilhartz, Scott Beilhartz, Leslie Bell, Eric Bierling, Carolyn Bitonti, Caleb C Bock, Casey Bogenhagen, Jason Bongiorno, Brett Bowker, Delphine Bowman, Cam Boyd, Corey Brackmann, Beccy Brane, Jeffrey Brassard, Kris Brennan, Chris Brey, John Brey, Melissa Brey, Nancy Buchner, Rodney Buchner, Gary Burkholder, Chris Campanelli, Joe Campbell, Rebecca Canoy, Jade Caparrelli, Oliver Caparrelli, Linda Carlton, Chris Carnes, Peter Casavecchia, Laura Case, Brett Cason, Brittany Cason, Tom Chaney, Charlie Chase, Pat Chef, Barbara A. Clanton, Ferne Clapp, Paula Cohen, Randy Cohen, Courtney Coop, Becky Crittenden, Penny Dahlen, Joe DeFeo, Karen DeFeo, Brittany Delmonico, Keri Dennison, Heidi Dernovich, Tony Distrola, Lisa Douglas, Rick Dowden, Tony Dress, Kevin Dyche, Dave Eliason, Pat Evangelatos, Kevin Fedewa, Kim Filler, Jessica Fishbeck, Marie Fisher, Ryan Fisher, AJ Flemming, Nikki Foust, Alan Frackowiak, Frank Geeslin, Susan Geeslin, Emily Gerde, Justin Gerde, Brad Geuke, Sonya Geuke, Courtney Q. Gill, Mary Gleason, Sara Gorevan, Michael Gotchey, Danny Grande, Alder Grove, Astrid Grove, Sonja Gumber, Mary Ann Gunn, Kim Haggarty, Amber Hallsted, Krista Halsnes, Jenna Handloff, Shannon Hanley, Ethan Hansen, Jim Hansen, Lisa Harner, MD, Warren Harner, Mark Hermacinski, Austin Herrero, Briette Herrero, Gretchen Herrero, Hayley Herrero, Tara Herrero, Liana Del Hierro, Kate Higgins, Chris Hildebrand, David P. Hill, Scott Hoffner, Benjamin Holdridge, Meg Holpuch, Ryan Hoth, Justin Jacobson, Rachael Jacobson, Lawrence Jaconetta, Grant Janka, Sean Janka, Christina Jensen, Candice Jernegan, Joseph Jernegan, Daniel Jessen, Jennifer Jessen, Chad M. Johnson, Ed Johnson, Jessica Johnson, Robert Jones, Sarah Juschka, Robin Kelley, Collin Kelly, John Kern, Matt Kern, Nicole Kielian, Tim Knez, Nathan Knight, Daniel Kucher, John Kuhn, Andrea Lajzova, Jeff Laroche, Ken Lebofsky, Kristina Leonetti, Maquetha Lester, Kari Light, Jeff Little, Del Lockhart, Nina Lockhart, Todd Lodwick, Annick Chappot-Look, Del Look, Wade Look, Yvette Printy Look, Deb MacIntyre, Shawn MacIntyre, Darla Madion, Rex Madion, Katherine Magi, Justin Magnuson, Heather Maitres, Ren Martyn, Mike Mattern, Kelly Mauldin, Ken Mauldin, Jack McClurg, Mary McClurg, Kay McPeek, Jennifer McPeek, D.O., Larry McPeek, Susan Mead, Veronica Merchant, Judith Miniea, Frank Montgomery, Jr, Durin Morrow, Emma Mortenson, Heidi Neely, Jeff Neely, Bettina Neset, Burga Nestora, Robert Nestora, Matt Newman, Brigitte Nielsen, Dan Nielsen, George Ojdrovich, Forrest Otterman, Forrest Otterman Jr, Gunnar Otterman, Josie Otterman, Ken Otterman, KJ Otterman, Logan Otterman, Amanda Otto, Dave Pabley, Chris Paoli, Lucinda Patten, Amy Patterson, Lauren Patton, Peter Perry, Shannon Peterson, Brandon Pfaff, Tyke Pierce, Kari Pollert, Barbara Price, John Price, Adrian Prost, Aric Prost, Joy Rasmussen, Sean Reagan, David Roberts, Donna Roberts, Gerry Roberts, Samantha Roberts, Jayme Romero, Nicole Rose, Tony Rosso, Nicole Van Ruler, Donna Russo, Joe T. Russo, Susan Saari, Greg Sarine, Ashley Scherer, Scott Scherer, Michelle Schiau, Joanne Seymour, Derrick Shea, Myles Sherman, Terrell Sherman, Clare Sibley, Doug Smith, Michael Smith, Alicia Soroka, Kevin Speier, Kim Sperry, Scott Sperry, William Sperry, Kevin Sport, Ellen Standish, Joanne Steele, Patrick Stefanek, Jim Stouffer, Jennifer Tamburrino, John Tomasini, Bernie Tomassetti, Erika Torrejon, Maureen Totman, Dana Treadway, Matt Treadway, Rick Trojan, BJ Vale, Chuck Vale, Laura Voigt, Noah Volkman, Lucas Vondran, Chris Voyvodic, Ashley Walker, Katie Warchol, Carol Ward, Jacob Warden, Pat Waters, Danny Weiss, Brandon Wells, John Wells, Carol Wert, Lindsay Wert, Barb Wheeler, Casey Williams, Michelle Wilson, John Witte, David Wolfson, Savannah Wolfson, Ben Wood, Pete Wood, Vicki Wood, Bill Woods, Laura Woods, Allen Woodfield, Carol Woodfield, Austin Wuchter, Claudia Zulejkic, Tracy Zuschlag


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