The Routt to Adventure: My first time golfing |

The Routt to Adventure: My first time golfing

After trying golf for the first time, I completely understand why people love and hate the sport. It’s frustrating and inconsistent, and requires an analysis of so many factors. For those same reasons, people feel a need to master it.

I can’t say I feel that desire, but I will definitely be back on the links.

Last Monday, I attended Ladies Night at Haymaker Golf Course with a friend. She had golfed a bit before with family but wanted some formal instruction. I, on the other hand, had never picked up a club. And I know mini golf does not count.

We started with putting. For a while, I couldn’t miss, but that can probably be attributed more to the instruction of Andrew Donner and the ease of the drill than my skill. Then, we moved to the driving range, and that’s where I got a real feel for the challenge of golf. Tim Dever started us off with irons rather than going straight to the driver.

I was clearly having a hard time. I whacked at a lot of grass before making contact with the ball. Tim took the time to pull me aside and had me repeat the swinging motion. He made sure I knew how a proper swing would feel. There’s tension in the wrist and hips, and back and shoulders, and it was awkward, but at least it was a memorable feeling, so when they let us loose to play nine holes, I’d still be able to execute a mostly correct swing.

After 20 minutes or so of time on the driving range, I could consistently hit the ball and, for the most part, hit it somewhat straight. I busted out the driver and smacked the ball dead center down the range. Oh. So, that’s what that feels like. So satisfying.

The feeling didn’t last long. Once we hit the course, my drives were garbage. In addition to lack of skill and general knowledge of the game, I blame it on my arms and hands being sore from a couple of hours of yard work. My poor hands were beet red after nine holes.

I still had a blast. My putts got better and more accurate, and I forced myself to use the proper clubs in certain situations. The pitching wedge is easily my favorite.

We cut a few corners for our sake. If I was having a hard time with a shot, I’d just walk up the fairway a bit, drop the ball and try again. As it got darker, we cut the long holes in half. This was about learning and having fun, not being so technical that we were suffering.

For anyone looking to learn the basics about golf or just see what it’s all about, I highly recommend Ladies Night at Haymaker. It’s not intimidating and is a great way to try something new. I’m a huge proponent of people constantly learning and trying new things. We need to be reminded that we don’t know everything, and who knows, maybe we’ll find a new hobby.

I don’t think I found that with golf, but I still had so much fun.

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