Steamboat boys track and field team wins big at regional championship

The Steamboat Springs High School boys track and field team were crowned champions at the regional track meet in Grand Junction on Friday. (Andy Bockelman/For Craig Press)

GRAND JUNCTION — Steamboat Springs head track and field coach Lisa Renee Tumminello said the boys 800-meter race at the regional championships was one of the most exciting she’s ever seen.

Sailors senior Thomas Lewer won with a time of two minutes, 3.1 seconds, with an Eagle Valley runner 0.27 seconds behind him. Steamboat’s Jayden Fryer was 0.39 seconds behind him in third and Sailor Bowden Tumminello was 0.21 seconds behind him to earn fourth.

“It was the epitome of what a mid-distance showdown should be,” said Tumminello. “I wish you could have seen it unfold. Thomas took a huge lead in the front and Bowden was in front of the pack, and kind of dragged them around for almost a lap, then Jayden came forward. Jayden’s been a little ill and had done the 2 mile already that day. He came forward and he and Bowden started working together and an Eagle Valley guy who was super strong came up. It was what an 800 race should be.”

Steamboat had three runners in the top five of the 800 and at least one top-five finisher in every single event except for shot put. With that, the Sailor boys won the 4A Western Slope League Championship. Tumminello was awarded the Western Slope Coach of the Year, an honor she said is indicative of the coaching staff around her.

Lewer’s victory was just one of 18 top-five finishes earned by an individual Sailor boy. The relays all finished in the top three.

Josh Hamilton took second in both the 100 and 200, while Chris Morris finished fifth in both. Connor Prost was third in the 400 while James Lahrman and Lewer were fourth and fifth behind him. Fryer was third in the 1,600 with a time of 4:23.03. And fourth in the 3,200. Nik Keyek collected third-place finishes in both the 110- and 300-meter hurdles.

Jameson Tracy earned third in long jump with a leap of 18 feet, 7.5 inches and fourth in discus with a throw of 113 feet, 3 inches. Casey Wolf was second in triple jump with a distance of 37 feet, 6 inches and teammate Roman Elvidge was fifth. Michael Lake took fourth in pole vault and Cole Moon was the top Steamboat finisher in shot put, taking eighth.

The relays didn’t come away with a win, but still put up impressive finishes.

Morris, Tracy, Lahrman and Hamilton finished second in the 4×100 with a time of 45.46. Tracy, Lahrman, Prost and Hamilton combined to take third in the 4×200 and Lewer, Tumminello, Prost and Lahrman earned second in the 4×400, while Sumner Cotton, Jeremiah Kelley, Xander Dalke and Justin Heid earned third in the 4×800.

“James Lahrman, he wins the grit award,” said Tumminello. “To not be well, then do the 400 then come back and do the finals of the 400 and one of the relays he did and now the 4×400. That’s crazy.”

The girls relays were dominant, as usual, with the team of Elise Colby, Marcada Baker, Kelsey Hamilton and Aliyah Reimer winning the 4×100 and 4×200 relays. Reimer was also the champion in the 100-meter dash with a time of 13.1 seconds, and the 200-meter race with a time of 27.02. She was awarded the Western Slope Female Athlete of the Year award at the conclusion of the meet.

Baker was the victor in long jump with a personal-best jump of 16 feet, 2.75 inches. Annika Ort was also a winner, clearing seven feet, 10.5 inches to finish first in pole vault, a sport she had never done until this year.

All the wins helped the Sailor girls finish second in the team standings.

“I remember the first year I came, and we were lucky to have a couple people make it to finals in one of the sprint events,” said Tumminello. “It was so exciting and that was super monumental. To be standing in the position that we’re in right now is humbling.”

Lauren Parks collected a third-place finish in triple jump. Hamilton and Colby were third and fourth in the 200 and Baker and Kenna Harrison were fourth and fifth in the 400. Harrison also helped the 4×400 team of Katie Castor, Kendra Sollars and Alex Hanna take sixth and the team of Zoe Bennett-Manke, Autumn Oslowski, Jazzell Gardea Pinera and Alex Hanna finish second in the 4×800.

The team has two more weeks to post state-qualifying marks. The top 18 in each event will compete at JeffCo Stadium in Lakewood on June 24-26.


Girls results

Team scores: 1. Battle Mountain 163. 2. Steamboat Springs 116. 3. Palisade 109.

100: 1. Aliyah Reimer, SS, 13.1. 2. Alden Pennington, BM, 13.51.

200: 1. Aliyah Reimer, SS, 27.02. 2. Alden Pennington, BM, 27.5. 3. Kelsey Hamilton, SS, 27.54. 4. Elise Colby, SS, 27.9.

400: 1. Presley Smith, BM, 1:03.10. 4. Marcada Baker, SS, 1:02.6. 5. Kenna Harrison, SS, 1:08.10. 12. Katie Castor, SS, 1:11.74.

800: 1. Samantha Blair, EV, 2:18.88. 10. Alex Hanna, SS, 2:54.84. 17. Jazzell Gardea Pinera, SS, 3:08.39.

1,600: 1. Elliot Pribramsky, BM, 5:02.26. 12. Autumn Oslowski, SS, 6:06.56.

3,200: 1. Samantha Blair, EV, 11:12.08. 11. Zoe Bennett-Manke, SS, 13.57.45.

100 hurdles: 1. Kiki Lettovska, BM, 17.22. 2. Elise Colby, SS, 17.53. 5. Kendra Sollars, SS, 18.38.

300 hurdles: 1. Sophia Vigil, GS, 49.52. 8. Kendra Sollars, SS, 55.15.

Medley relay: 1. Summit 1:57.32. 3. Steamboat Springs (Ward, Spitzley, Aspen Bennett-Manke, Harrison) 2:13.24.

4×100: 1. Steamboat Springs (Colby, Baker, Hamilton, Reimer), 51.8. 2. Battle Mountain 52.44.

4×200: 1. Steamboat Springs (Colby, Baker, Hamilton, Reimer) 1:48.34. 2. Battle Mountain 1:54.43.

4×400: 1. Battle Mountain 4:12.57. 6. Steamboat Springs (Harrison, Castor, Sollars, Hanna) 5:01.57.

4×800: 1. Battle Mountain 10:28.73. 2. Steamboat Springs (Bennett-Manke, Oslowski, Gardea-Pinera, Hanna) 11:52.67.

High jump: 1. Olivia Langner, P, 4-11. 3. Katya Thurston, SS, 4-07. 8. Rachel Spitzley, SS, 4-03.

Long jump: 1. Marcada Baker, SS, 16-02.75. 2. Alesia Yanowich, P, 15-05. 5. Lauren Parks, SS, 14-06.5. 12. Katya Thurston, SS, 12-06.5.

Triple jump: 1. Gabriella Yanovich, P, 33-10. 3. Lauren Parks, SS, 31-08.75. 8. Zoe Bennett-Manke, SS, 27-01.

Pole vault: 1. Annika Ort, SS, 7-10.5. 2. Peyton Bourke, EV, 7-04.5. 6. Amelie Wild, SS, 6-04.5. 6. Katie Castor, SS, 6-04.5.

Shot put: 1. Augustine Hancock, BM, 34-0. 7. Lauren Parks, SS, 21-07. 8. Maren Elvidge, SS, 19-05. 9. Skylar Cason, SS, 19-03.

Discus: 1. Augustine Hancock, BM, 114-03. 6. Jordan Ward, SS, 54-09. 7. Skylar Cason, SS, 50-02. 8. Maren Elvidge, SS, 48-02.

Boys results

Team scores: 1. Steamboat Springs 128. 2. Battle Mountain 115. 3. Glenwood Springs 96.

100: 1. Donovan Kemp, P, 11.18. 2. Josh Hamilton, SS, 11.32. 5. Chris Morris, 11.44.

200: 1. Donovan Kemp, P, 22.69. 2. Josh Hamilton, SS, 23.1. 5. Chris Morris, SS, 23.85. 9. Chance Kibler-Fulk, SS, 24.7.

400: 1. Brian Delgada, GS, 54.48. 3. Connor Prost, SS, 53.66. 4. James Lahrman, SS, 54.87. 5. Thomas Lewer, SS, 56.13.

800: 1. Thomas Lewer, SS, 2:03.01. 2. Gage Nielsen, EV, 2:03.28. 3. Jayden Fryer, SS, 2:03.67. 4. Bowden Tumminello, SS, 2:03.88.

1,600: 1. Dominykas Remeikis, Su, 4:30.91. 3. Jayden Fryer, SS, 4:32.03. 6. Jeremiah Kelley, SS, 4:47.59. 12. Sumner Cotton, SS, 4:54.72.

3.200: 1. Dominykas Remeikis, Su, 9:53.95. 4. Jayden Fryer, SS, 10:19.75. 10. Sumner Cotton, SS, 10:50.35.

110 hurdles: 1. Taber Uvehara, GS, 15.57. 3. Nik Keyek, SS, 17.49. 7. Tommy Hagney, SS, 22.64. 8. Eli Moon, SS, 23.46.

300 hurdles: 1. Taber Uvehara, GS, 41.44. 3. Nik Keyek, SS, 44.10 8. Xander Dalke, SS, 53.59.

4×100: 1. Battle Mountain 44.89. 2. Steamboat Springs (Morris, Tracy, Lahrman, Hamilton) 45.46.

4×200: 1. Battle Mountain 1:34.91. 3. Steamboat Springs (Tracy, Lahrman, Prost, Hamilton) 1:35.22.

4×400: 1. Glenwood Springs 3:33.16. 2. Steamboat Springs (Lewer, Tumminello, Prost, Lahrman), 3:33.63.

4×800: 1. Eagle Valley 8:35.85. 3. Steamboat Springs (Cotton, Kelley, Dalke, Justin Heid) 9:08.4.

High jump: 1. Cam Kalaf, Su, 5-09.

Long jump: 1. Donovan Kemp, P, 20-01.5. 3. Jameson Tracy, SS, 18-07.5. 8. Nik Keyek, SS, 15-09.25. 12. Granger Rowan, SS, 14-00.5.

Triple jump: 1. Alberto Aceves, BM, 38-10. 2. Casey Wolf, SS, 37-06. 5. Roman Elvidge, SS, 34-02. 7. Nik Keyek, SS, 33-03.

Pole vault: 1. Quin McCarroll, EV, 11-04.5. 4. Michael Lake, SS, 9-10.5.

Shot put: 1. Corey Johnson, Su, 42-06. 8. Cole Moon, SS, 32-02. 10. Kai Lancaster, SS, 30-07.

Discus: 1. Corey Johnson, Su, 135-02. 4. Jameson Tracy, SS, 113-03. 6. Cole Moon, SS, 104.06. 10. Layton Morrison, SS, 94-09.

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