Steamboat Alpine skiers use 2-race days to their advantage |

Steamboat Alpine skiers use 2-race days to their advantage

Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club skier Jaelie Hovey earned 6th and 11th at the Colorado Ski Cup giant slalom races at Steamboat Resort on Friday Jan. 22.

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS — Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club skier Jaelie Hovey was 0.11 seconds out of the top 10 in the first giant slalom race on Friday.

Later in the day, she had a second race, so she still had a chance to do better.

Typically, racers don’t compete twice in a day, but to coincide with pandemic protocols, the boys had two races on Thursday and the girls had two races on Friday. That means that every athlete had four runs within about a five hour window.

“We’ve gotten lucky with how they’ve adapted with covid and we’ve gotten to race a decent amount recently,” said Hovey. “I think overall as a team, it’s just a little bit weird racing two races in a day. It’s a lot more tiring, but I think it makes it a little bit less stressful being that you can get redemption on the second race.”

Redemption is what she got. Hovey’s first run of the afternoon race was the 7th fastest at 56.69 seconds. About an hour later, the U19 skier had her second run. Her second run was the fastest at the time she crossed the finish. When the rest of the contenders followed, it was the sixth fastest, granting Hovey a sixth-place finish for the afternoon race.

Teammate Sequoia Anstine took fifth in the afternoon and fourth in the morning race, while Ryli Adrian snuck into the top 10 in the late race, tying a Canadian skier for ninth.

SSWSC Alpine Competitive Program Director Tyler Shepherd wasn’t surprised that the veteran skiers finished so high in the standings. He was pleasantly surprised by the performance of younger skier Caroline Gilchrist, who is in her first year of skiing at the U19 level. Gilchrist earned 14th in both races.

“That’s fantastic. You look at someone like that, a first-year. FIS racing athlete, that’s awesome,” said Shepherd. “She’s also getting opportunities to ski up into the elite series. For her, that’s a great accomplishment.”

Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club U21 skier Louis Weiner took 18th and 19th at the Colorado Ski Cup giant slalom races at Steamboat Resort on Thursday, Jan. 21. (Photo by Shelby Reardon)

Kyle Kagan got redemption as well. His morning race on Thursday, Jan. 21 was not quite up to his typical standards. The U21 athlete had two average runs, taking 12th.

Shepherd was surprised that Kagan missed the top 10, and figured the skier must have made a mistake that he wasn’t able to see from his vantage point, because all Shepherd saw was strong skiing.

“I think Kyle made some adjustments in the second race so he showed where he should be,” said Shepherd. “I wouldn’t say it was out of the ordinary for him to be where he finished in that second race. That was a good confidence builder for him. I think that first race was probably a kick in the pants to encourage him to correct the mistakes.”

Whatever Kagan changed, worked, as he ended the afternoon with a win. In second on Thursday afternoon was Bode Flanigan who earned two podium finishes. The U19 athlete took third earlier in the day.

“I felt like I’ve been working on a lot of stuff in training and (Thursday) was definitely a step in the right direction,” Flanigan said. “It’s fun to be able to ski four runs consistently.”

Flanigan actually enjoyed the four run day, saying it took out all the down time he usually encounters on long race days. As a race director, Shepherd also enjoyed the four-run format, saying it made for a far more efficient day.

“For them to be able to get off four runs in less than five hours, all the staff up there was phenomenal and really did a great job getting it off,” Flanigan said. “To be able to roll through those four runs so quickly was awesome.”

Men’s results Jan. 21

Race 1 top 10: 1. William Cashmore 1:45.24. 2. Patrick McConville 1:45.84. 3. Bode Flanigan 1:46.18. 4. Zachery Temertzoglou 1:46.28. 5. Jack Reich 1:46.36. 6. Max Parys 1:46.6. 7. Nick Kirwood 1:47.05. 8. Apollo Powell 1:47.11. 9. William Wasserman 1:47.15. 10. Dominic Rainville 1:47.19.

Other Steamboat Springs finishers: 12. Kyle Kagan 1:47.56. 15. Laiken Roth 1:48.24. 19. Louis Weiner 1:48.35. 22. Owen Croce 1:48.69. 24. Colin Kagan 1:49.22. 27. Connor Crossen 1:50.35. 30. Luke Olson 1:51.94. 35. Emil Plank 1:53.09.

Race 2 top 10: 1. Kyle Kagan 1:57.79. 2. Flanigan 1:57.91. 3. Sergi Piguillem 1:57.97. 4. Jordan Simon 1:58.03. 5. McConville 1:58.39. 6. Reich 1:58.77. 7. Chase Seymour 1:58.92. 8. Temertzoglou 1:58.99. 9. Rainville 1:59.02. 10. Zachary Dekko 1:59.3.

Other Steamboat finishers: 12. Charles Welch 1:59.84. 13. Parys 1:59.96. 18. Weiner 2:01.36. 19. Crossen 2:01.53. 23. Colin Kagan 2:01.94. 30. Roth 2:04.38. 32. Brooks Overstake 2:04.72. 33. Olson 2:04.77. 41. Plank 2:07.1.

Women’s results Jan. 22

Race 1 top 10: 1. Stephanie Currie 1:51.07. 2. Samantha Trudeau 1:52.76. 3. Emma Williamson 1:53.31. 4. Sequoia Anstine 1:53.33. 5. Cheyenne Brown 1:54.16. 6. Elizabeth Sullivan 1:54.73. 7. Piper Sage 1:54.76. 8. Tianna Bruce 1:55.03. 9. Josephine Trueblood 1:55.3. 10. Mary Kate Hackworthy 1:55.52.

Other Steamboat finishers: 11. Jaelie Hovey 1:55.63. 14. Caroline Gilchrist 1:56.21. 17. Madison McLaren 1:57.28. 18. Maren Elvidge 1:57.36. 21. Nicole Nolting 1:57.62. 25. Katya Thurston 1:59.73.

Race 2 top 10: 1. Trudeau 1:52.79. 2. Brown 1:53.16. 3. Williamson 1:53.61. 4. Ashley Campbell 1:53.86. 5. Anstine 1:53.9. 6. Hovey 1:54.82. 7. Anna Zaruby 1:54.88. 8. Sullivan 1:54.92. 9. Lauren Hunter 1:55.82. 9. Ryli Adrian 1:55.82.

Other Steamboat finishers: 14. Gilchrist 1:57.34. 15. McLaren 1:58.41. 21. Elvidge 2:00.04.

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