USA Pro Challenge: Breakaways — sometimes they do work |

USA Pro Challenge: Breakaways — sometimes they do work

Dan Turek, of the Cycling Academy Team, throws his arms up in celebration after winning a stage of a bike race on a breakaway.

— Sometimes, against the odds, breakaways do work.

Dan Turek is a Israeli cyclist who will compete in Steamboat Springs for Team Cycling Academy, his nation's first pro team.

During a six-day stage race in Azerbaijan, he took his shot and was still clinging to hopes of winning the stage when a flat tire ruined his plans 12 kilometers from the finish line.

The next day, he tried again, sprinting away from the main peloton, then, as the finish line near, his small group, attacking one last time to win the stage.

"I had nothing in my legs in that last kilometer, but I knew I would not survive a sprint so I attacked," he said. "I felt so much pain in the last 300 meters I saw nothing. It all went black.

"Everybody wants to be part of a breakaway. A lot of people, they try once and maybe twice, but then they are caught. I tried once, twice and once more and once more. You have to be ready to repeat again and again if you want to make it. That's what makes it so painful."