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42 states, 5 countries, 3 races, 1 day: Marathon storms into Steamboat

Caitlin Murphy, left, and Rachael Delahoyde lead a pack of runners on Sunday during the Steamboat Marathon.

Sunday's runners spanned generations, motivations and aspirations.

Ambitious racers stretched hamstrings and swung their arms early in the morning as the sun peeked over the mountains and they prepared at the starting lines for the marathon, half-marathon and 10-kilometer races that made up the Steamboat Marathon event this year.

Three hours and thousands of running miles later, young children scampered back and forth on the lawn in front of the courthouse in downtown Steamboat Springs, preparing for their own race, a 1K dash around the block.

In a similar vein, children sweated into the late morning hours manning a lemonade stand — $0.50 per glass — on Routt County Road 44, away from the runners but in the day's traffic thanks to race-related road closures that forced all north-bound traffic by their business.

Back on the race route, ambitious adults waved and cheered at passing runners, offering, via a huge, spray-painted piece of plywood, free beer and bacon.

The 37th annual Steamboat Marathon was diverse in plenty of ways, roping in runners from near — 20 percent were from Steamboat, including 10 of the day's 18 podium finishers — and from far, including 42 states and five nations.

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An offer of free beer and bacon didn’t get a lot of takers early Sunday morning during the Steamboat Marathon, but it did get a lot of grins from tired runners.

In packs of 15 and 20 and groups of one and two, they made their way down the course and to a downtown finish in Steamboat Springs.

With 1,461 finishers — more than 60 percent of them women — it wasn't the biggest the event's ever been. Participation was down slightly compared to last year, though on par with numbers from the past five years.

It wasn't the fastest year, either; finishers pointed to early morning heat that may have slowed the group's progress.

"Once you got out from the mountains and into the sun, it got rough," said Dylan Jennings, the 22-year old Golden-based runner who cruised to a comfortable victory in the marathon.

He finished in 2 hours, 54 minutes and 0 seconds.

Dylan Jennings pumps his fists as he approaches the finish of the Steamboat Marathon.

He hung with the lead pack early, then hung back when a pair broke away. He made his move midway through the race. He paid for it as he approached town, but was able to hang on to a comfortable victory in what was his first attempt at the marathon distance.

Stephen Kaye, of Centennial, was second in 2:55:54 and David Bisenius, of Boulder, third at 2:58:41.

Ryan Larson had the top Steamboat time, finishing fourth in 3:07:57. Allen Belshaw, was ninth, and TJ Thrasher, 10th, also cracked the top 10.

"It's killer," Jennings said of the course. "I was trying to finish, have fun and put up a decent time. I didn't expect to win with that sort of time. Looking at some if the past years, there have been runners consistently in the 2:40s, but I guess I got lucky there weren't any up there this time."

Ali Kelley crosses the finish line on Sunday to win the Steamboat Marathon.

The women's top marathon finisher, Ali Kelley, came from further away, but was plenty familiar with the course. She's from Berkeley, California, but her family has long vacationed in the area and owns a house on Elk River Road, one she passed en route to Sunday's victory.

She could have stopped in for some TV if she'd have felt like it. She ended up winning in 3:03:22. Celia Stockwell, another Californian, from Menlo Park, was second in 3:21:35.

Steamboat's Andrea Wilhelm was third, finishing in 3:24:26.

The family history in the region offered Kelley a reason to come. Her fiance, Paul Jasinowski, offered the idea, suggesting it would be a memorable way for the couple to prepare for their Routt County wedding, scheduled for September.

"He signed us up for the race, so it's a special occasion we're celebrating," Kelley said.

He wasn't as fast, finishing in 4:14:58, but for the pair, running was about more than a time.

"It was beautiful and really special to be back," Kelley said.

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Men’s results
1. Tyler Terranova, Steamboat Springs CO, 18, 38:17

2. Joshua Smullin, Steamboat Springs CO, 35, 38:31

3. Jimmy Colfer, Steamboat Springs CO, 17, 40:00

Women’s results

1. Dasha Kuznetsova, Steamboat Springs CO, 18, 43:50

2. Sadie Cotton, Steamboat Springs CO, 16, 45:13

3. Kat O’Connell, Steamboat Springs CO, 18, 45:37

Half marathon

Men’s results

1. Gabriel Small, Steamboat Springs CO, 31, 1:17:13

2. Daniel Goding, Loveland CO, 40, 1:18:46

3. Scott Loomis, Steamboat Springs CO, 45, 1:19:33

Women’s results

1. Shawna McClain, Broomfield CO, 34, 1:21:40

2. Katie Kissane, Windsor CO, 34, 1:27:29

3. Briana Perkins, Steamboat Springs CO, 27, 1:33:57

Men’s results

1. Dylan Jennings, Golden CO, 22, 2:54:00

2. Stephen Kaye, Centennial CO, 38, 2:55:54

3. David Bisenius, Boulder CO, 27, 2:58:41

Women’s results
1. Ali Kelley, Berkeley CA, 30, 3:03:22

2. Celia Stockwell, Menlo Park CA, 28, 3:21:35

3. Andrea Wilhelm, Steamboat Springs CO, 37, 3:24:26