Travis Brown: Letter writer’s hypocrisy is disgraceful |

Travis Brown: Letter writer’s hypocrisy is disgraceful

In response to the opinion of Mr. Chuck McConnell’s letter titled “Hate letters disgraceful,” I would like to say: Mr. McConnell, the criticism directed at Trump is neither hateful nor is it undeserved. It is also not disgraceful to criticize a president, as I have heard and read your criticisms of a recent president several times.

Rather, it is conservatives who continue to ignore the unmitigated disasters that make up Trump’s presidency that is disgraceful. Your hypocrisy is disgraceful, particularly while claiming that the “vitriol toward the American administration” is “directly against America.”

Does this mean that you stood against America for the past eight years as you criticized the last American administration? It is disgraceful that you accuse critics of Trump of having a “disregard for truth,” while making that statement in defense of a man who willingly and openly lies several times a day.

President Obama did state that “you can keep your doctor.” However, when spoken, Obama intended to make that a caveat of his healthcare bill. Intelligent people recognize the difference between intent that could not be achieved and direct falsehoods such as Trump’s statements that he would lower insurance premiums while providing health care to all.

There are many that support single-payer health care. And there are plenty of examples of countries that are successful in providing it at comparably lower costs than health care in America. If you choose to cherry pick only two failed examples while ignoring other evidence, your words ring empty.

Your assertion that Trump is a successful businessman depends on one’s opinion of success. If choosing to sue people to avoid paying them, experiencing multiple bankruptcies, being accused of and investigated for fraud several times, and earning less money in the course of your life than your inheritance would have netted if simply invested makes one a successful businessman in your opinion, I would hate to see a failure.

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The vitriol at Hilary Clinton died when she was exonerated from Benghazi without charge after several investigations. Similar to the charges regarding her handling of emails. But, I suppose the rule of law is trumped by constant accusations as long as it is directed at those whom one opposes politically.

Can you honestly state there “has been no evidence of wrongdoing by Trump” despite being under current FBI investigation and Trump himself directly stating that he has obstructed justice by deciding to remove Comey because of that investigation during a televised interview.

Trump has been lampooned by every respected ally we have. Our most important European allies are stating openly, and to the press, that they can no longer look to the U.S. for leadership on a global scale, or fully depend on the U.S. for support against their enemies. But, at least Saudi dictators, who enforce a version of Islam not far off from Wahabiism on their citizens, like us because we are still willing to sell them weapons.

Mr. McConnell, you state “Trump has made enormous positive strides for America.” Name one. List a few. Don’t tell us, show us. If taking credit for business deals that bring jobs to, or keep jobs in, the U.S. that were completed long before Trump took office, or banning residents from certain Muslim nations from entering the country are his biggest achievements, I am unimpressed.

It is disgraceful that Trump has fostered an environment that empowers extremist individuals to spew hate by refusing to condemn them, such as the incident in Portland this past weekend. It is even more disgraceful that Trump will not acknowledge the sacrifice that those men made in the defense of the founding American principle of the freedom of religion. It is disgraceful that the only recognition this received from the White House was via the official White House Twitter account, managed by his staff.

It is disgraceful that someone like yourself, who clearly considers themselves patriotic, continues to blindly defend a man who tramples American principles. Shame on you sir for acting like “jumping on board” Trump’s train is anything except participating in the destruction of American ideals and freedom.

Travis Brown

Steamboat Springs