The Left should allow debate but want absolute power instead |

The Left should allow debate but want absolute power instead

Democrats are using the crisis of the insurrection attempt to shut down debate, vilifying all conservatives while abolishing free speech. If you believe I am wrong, the Democrats together with big media and tech have you fooled. We are on our way to one-party rule and the enforced acceptance of the Left’s — not liberals’ — views. They feel they are close to unchecked power over us.

Democrats condemned the violence at the capitol committed by an extremist wing of Trump supporters. Conservatives joined wholeheartedly. Still, the number of activities to infringe the freedom of conservatives are growing every day.

Big media and the tech oligarchs in California work hard to end free speech of Americans they do not like. Twitter, with help from their friends at Google, Apple and Amazon, shut down their main competitor Parler within a few days, citing that the riots were organized on their platform. Strangely enough, the Washington Post and the AP reported this week that also Twitter and Facebook were widely used to plan the riots.

CNN has asked cable TV providers to cancel Fox News. A Harvard petition is asking to rescind degrees of conservative House Representatives after banning them from speaking on campus last year.

However, conservatives have been experiencing that there are no standards in our national conversation that Democrats, big media and tech like to apply to themselves as well.

Big media ignores that many Democrats incited violence against local, state and federal governments during the race riots in 2020 (i.e. Congresswoman Pressley encouraged “more unrest in the streets”). According to the Guardian, more than 25 people were killed in the riots that caused damage of $1.02 billion.

Democrats spent three years attempting to unseat the duly-elected president based on fake opposition research and FBI malfeasance.

No evidence is demanded from Democrats when they make the worst accusations imaginable towards conservatives like “racist” or “white supremacist.”

This is not a First Amendment issue but a recognition that the Left colludes with big tech and big media to increasingly control the ability of millions of Americans to communicate. They have opened the Pandora’s box of oppression for half the country.

This is dangerous for all of us.

Will a President Biden rein in party extremists, big media and tech? Will he manage to reverse course and steer us toward unity? I hope so.

Juergen Kuhmann

Steamboat Springs

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