Sally Claassen: Defunding AmeriCorps would take away jobs |

Sally Claassen: Defunding AmeriCorps would take away jobs

I seem to recall Candidate Trump promising jobs, jobs, jobs. His budget director justifies slashing food stamps because “we need people to go to work.”

How then does it make sense that AmeriCorps is on the chopping block in the president’s budget proposal? It simply doesn’t.

Defunding AmeriCorps would take away jobs. For over eight decades with bi-partisan support, AmeriCorps has helped create jobs and provide job skill training to thousands of young Americans while giving communities vital services like conservation and public student support at budget prices.

Here in Routt County, we have the tangible benefits of trail building and pine beetle mitigation through Rocky Mountain Youth Corps and school mentoring and after school programs through Partners, benefiting over 300 students each year.

The Congress ultimately passes a budget. Let Rep. Tipton and Sen. Gardner hear from you now that you oppose this wrongheaded proposal to eliminate the Corporation for National and Community Service. Call Tipton at 970-241-2499 or Gardner at 202 224-5941 or email them.

And oh, by the way, the amount received by Rocky Mountain Youth Corps each year to leverage summer jobs for more than a hundred youth? It is less than two days of security costs to keep First Lady Trump in New York City. Apparently the budget’s not really all about dollars and sense.

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