Paul Wellman: We are the ‘losers’ |

Paul Wellman: We are the ‘losers’

I would like to address both Timothy Egan’s "The way they kill now" and Jonah Goldberg’s "Trump is right about terrorists being called 'losers.'"
Egan equating the actions of Salman Abedi, in the Manchester bombing, with what went down in WWI is at best delusional. His assumption that "what happened in Manchester is unexplainable" is totally false.
Salman Abedi was obviously insane to do what he did. The question is why he was insane and what drove him to this horrendous act.
Mr. Egan also says Abedi is "from failed state ghettos like Libya." Why is Libya a failed state is the key question?
Salman Abedi’s father was in the LIFG, a U.S./U.K. backed organization affiliated with Osama bin Laden. In 1996, LIFG attempted to assassinate Muammar Gaddafi. When the attempt failed, many survivors of LIFG fled to the U.K. One of them was Salman Abedi’s father.
Several trips back to Libya by Abedi, according to his friends and family, made him very disturbed and distressed. The current tragedy of Libya was too much for him to bear. He was very angry at how the actions supported by the U.S./U.K. had driven Libya from being Africa’s richest state to a failed state.
There are many Salman Abedi’s out there. They are angry at how we are destroying the Middle East and Africa with our perpetual, insane and illegal wars.
We are the "losers" for allowing this insanity to go on. If we want to stop terrorism directed at us, we must stop the terrorism we inflict on others.

Paul Wellman