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Our View: Advice for graduates

It’s graduation week in Routt County, and in honor of the Class of 2021, members of the Steamboat Pilot & Today Editorial Board have compiled advice for our new graduates. These words of wisdom are offered in the spirit of adventure, inspiration, humility and sincere wishes for a bright tomorrow.

Be curious. Letting your mind or feet wander ensures your daily life becomes one of discovery. Curiosity can also ward off “echo chambers” that foster division and insecurities.

Don’t be afraid to pick up pennies. If you do, you’ll 1) never lose sight of the value of money, and 2) you’ll be reminded often that the little things in life can add up to big things over the long haul.

Never, ever think you are the smartest person in a group. By looking up to others, you will learn. By looking down at others, you will lose.

Commit to do something hard every day. Life is difficult, but tackling challenges with enthusiasm and energy will make the tough tasks that much more rewarding. They’ll also remind you that you are capable of great things.

Be a good friend. Cherish those friends you know will drop everything to help you in times of need, and be that person for someone else. Getting through hard times together can lead to beautiful, lifelong journeys.

Always have a dream. It motivates you. Keep your dreams close and your efforts to achieve your passions even closer. You may not go exactly where you dream, but when you work diligently toward your dreams, you will go somewhere interesting.

Keep educating yourself, even when you’re out of school. With the internet, this is easier than ever — we did not say it is easy, just accessible. You’ll be more interesting to yourself and to other people.

Have a good friend and be a good friend. Friendship will see you through the tough times.

Exercise daily. It’s fun and good for your body and your mental health. You’ll think more sharply, and you’ll have a longer, healthier and happier life when you break a sweat every day. And wear sunscreen.

Laugh out loud every day. Recognizing the humor in situations can relieve a lot of stress. Sometimes, you may need to laugh at yourself and remember that we can all do stupid things that are worthy of our own laughter.

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At issue: High school seniors across Routt County are graduating this week.

Our View: Here are some tidbits of wisdom and advice from Steamboat Pilot & Today Editorial Board members Marion Kahn, Laraine Martin, Logan Molen and Lisa Schlichtman.

Editorial Board

• Logan Molen, publisher

• Lisa Schlichtman, editor

• Marion Kahn, community representative

• Laraine Martin, community representative

Contact the Editorial Board at 970-871-4221 or lschlichtman@SteamboatPilot.com.

Enjoy your life every day. Roll down the windows and sing out loud. It’s just plain fun.

You don’t need to know exactly what you want to do in life. The idea that we are all meant to find an exact niche in this world is sort of a myth — just chase happiness.

When you are being challenged, you are also growing. Put yourself in the way of activities and pursuits that challenge you.

Learning to love yourself will be one of your toughest tasks in this life. Have fun and give yourself a break every now and then.

Instead of chasing down a four-year degree and a master’s and a white picket fence with 2.5 kids, go have some experiences right now, while you’re young. Travel the world.

Surround yourself with all kinds of people, but only pull the ones close who turn you into the best version of yourself. Those are the ones you build into an inner circle.

No one is allowed to turn 30 years old without having worked in the service industry for at least six months. If you haven’t done this already, you are missing out on some key observations about American culture that will shift your perspective.

Listen to others’ thoughts and opinions on almost all topics, except those that involve hatred or bigotry. Have a no-tolerance policy for some things in life and stick to your principles.

Invest your time in helping make this world a better place in some small way. Volunteer, advocate, donate, speak up, speak out. Why be a passive bystander? We all need to make this place better for the generations that follow us.

Face down your fears and just go for it. Pursue your passions; chase your dreams. Find something you love to do and make it your life’s work.

Be authentic. Too many people try to be something they are not, and it’s exhausting. Take down those masks we all hide behind from time to time, and be entirely you. It’s freeing and allows you to forge real relationships with like-minded people.

Stand up for your convictions and get involved in positive change. This can be accomplished by volunteering on campus, running for student government or joining a club or organization you believe in. Never doubt you can make a difference — big or small — wherever you land.

Be humble and kind and treat others like you would want to be treated. This is life’s “golden rule,” and it never goes out of style.

Live life one day at a time. Wake up early to watch the sunrise, hug your family and friends and tell them you love them, breathe deep and open your mind and heart to the beauty around you, and try to do one thing each day that challenges you.

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