Linda Delaney: Is this who we want to be? |

Linda Delaney: Is this who we want to be?

The United States, made up of almost all sons and daughters of immigrants, is going through a moral crisis and it is not over yet. We the people, decedents of immigrants and Native Americans, are this country. We must take responsibility and we must fix this.

The crisis was set off by an executive order and supposedly has been solved by another order, but executive order No. 2 is by no means a solution.  Twenty-three hundred children, newborn to age 18, are still being held in detention centers, and there is no plan for getting them released back to their parents.

Parents have already been deported without their children and that travesty will continue. Many children may never see their parents again. Some have been sent across the country in hopes of placing them in foster homes but the records are sloppy at best and non-existent at worst. The experts agree that the children are and will continue to suffer varying degrees of psychological damage that is not reversible.

Not much has been said about the 1,400 boys incarcerated in Brownsville, Texas, who must surely hate us by now. We may be doing a better job recruiting for MS-13 then the gang does for itself.

Leadership has been sorely lacking throughout this crisis. Wednesday night following executive order No. 2, the big boss held a rally to pat himself on the back for solving the problem he created. Flanking him as he signed the order were the vice boss who insisted incarcerating children was in line with biblical teachings and the director of Homeland Security who first denied the children were being taken, then insisted, along with her boss, that the solution was completely up congress.

Concerns about border security and illegal immigration are completely reasonable, but many of these families, mostly women and children, came to apply for amnesty and were turned away from even applying so they risked crossing illegally. Since fleeing from domestic violence and gang violence no longer qualify for amnesty, what does?

Take a good look in the mirror and decide if your reflection shows who you want to be. If not, get involved. Volunteer locally with Integrated Communities. Contribute to one of the funds raising money to bail out parents and track the placements of children. Write and call our representatives and don’t stop. And above all else, use your voice and vote.

Linda Delaney

Steamboat Springs

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