Linda Delaney: Democrats, do yourself a favor |

Linda Delaney: Democrats, do yourself a favor

Health is a human right, a moral issue. The left could do itself a huge favor and avoid bickering over poorly-defined and poorly-understood terminology regarding creating a new health care plan.

Candidates for national office need to speak in terms of the values that underpin their health policy beliefs. Be clear about what a health care system should deliver whether it is called health care for all, single=payer, Medicare for all, Medicare for America, Medicare X or universal health care.  

Take it from some of the best-ranked health care systems in the world: Australia, Japan, Israel, France, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, etc. Universal health care has become central to how these countries think about their identity. Their systems reflect a national determination to take care of each other at moments of vulnerability and to place wellbeing over wealth. Their national aspirations have helped these countries — and others — weather discussions and debates for decades about the right way to reform the system because there is broad agreement on the fundamental goals and values in these countries.

When there is national agreement on the fundamental importance of health care for all, the debate is around matters of fine-tuning and making the system better.  Forget the titles. Candidates for national offices need to tell us what their values and beliefs are regarding caring for all our citizens. 

Linda Delaney

Steamboat Springs

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