Tom Bowers: Colorado does not need wolves |

Tom Bowers: Colorado does not need wolves

Please take notice of what has happened to the wildlife in the states that have these “non-native” species of apex predators that are wiping out big game species and have had an economic impact in these states that is in the millions since the wolves were introduced.

The Wildlife Commission has recently denied this introduction, and these special interest groups are using high dollar lawyers and their clout to get them introduced here, twisting the science and ignoring management plans.

The commission indicated that Colorado does not have the ecosystem that some of our sister states have. Please do the research and see the damage that they have caused.

Colorado is not the place for a Canadian timber wolf. Please do a segment on the damage these wolves have done in these other states and let the masses in the urban areas see what they have done.

I would be willing to bet that even you would be set back at the facts about how damaging they are, and please, let me know what good have they done. The odds of someone hearing one in the wild is very low at best.

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Please support the wildlife and the hired, educated trained professionals when they say Colorado does not want or need wolves. A lot of Colorado’s economy will suffer from this proposal not to mention what really matters — our current wildlife.


Tom Bowers