Steve Soule: Pleasure became disaster |

Steve Soule: Pleasure became disaster

Dear Editor,

At 4:45 p.m. Friday, April 8, my wife and I went for a bicycle ride from the mountain to town on the Core Trail. It was a beautiful day, and we wore our shades, pumping towards the setting sun.

Suddenly, pleasure became disaster.

Some pinhead had carefully placed a Corona bottle full of water in the middle of the trail inside the dark tunnel. I had looked to make sure the tunnel was clear of cyclists, runners, walkers and dogs, so I now looked down at the pavement and the previously unnoticed bottle was about one foot from my front tire — head on.

I tried to swerve around it to the left, but the tire shot the bottle similar to a rocket, clattering loudly in the tunnel. The impact twisted the handle bars more than 90 degrees to the left, stopping the bike instantly.

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My subsequent flash of sensations was the loud bang of my helmet slamming into the concrete wall of the tunnel; then my chin, left mandible and left cheek, scraping the wall of the tunnel; then my left handlebar impaling my left groin, then landing in front of my bike, scraping my right wrist, hand and knuckles. I felt the dreadful warm feel of blood on my face, and a touch with my sleeve came back all red.

The bike lay there, the front wheel turned completely backwards. Nothing seemed broken, and I never lost consciousness, so we rode home and consulted my doctor.

I was confused about what exactly had happened and was developing a headache, so a concussion was diagnosed. The next day, a brutally stiff neck developed, as well as several other bruises.

While this was very unfortunate, I share my blame for not looking closely enough for booby traps on the Core Trail.

I will be fine and learned a lesson about human behavior.

I am writing for two reasons.

I am not a detective, but this appears to be locals, not tourists. I see a group of young people walking and one of the guys showing off. I doubt this bottle was there long, so there are probably witnesses.

If any reader saw something about 4:30 to 5 p.m. Friday on the trail, you can help the police and me by calling them. You don't feel good about this malicious trick. Without a helmet, I might have needed an emergency helicopter to Denver. Clear your conscience.

Finally, if you are ever on the Core Trail and see a potential hazard on the pavement, please move it off the trail.

Steve Soule, M.D.

Steamboat Springs