Russell Scott: School bond necessary |

Russell Scott: School bond necessary

"Steamboat is my home," and I am in favor of the Steamboat Springs School District proposed bond measure.

When I joined the Army on my 18th birthday, I had no idea that it would take close to 45 years to live in a place long enough to call home. Between my wife's 30-year Army career and my career, we have never lived in one place longer than four years.

Five years ago, when we received guardianship of our twin granddaughters, we had to choose between living in Colorado Springs or Steamboat Springs. Colorado Springs had all the "big box" stores. We have lifetime access to the Air Force Academy facilities, including easy access to medical care.

Nonetheless, we have these girls to bring up, to nurture and to educate. We prayed, "Where do we want to raise these two precious girls'? And the answer was obvious.

Like many of you, we decided to raise our girls in Steamboat, the place we now call home. We decided to live in Steamboat because of the excellent schools and the unbelievable outdoor opportunities. Steamboat has that "home-town ambiance," where people are friendly and ready to lend a hand. Ultimately, Steamboat is one of the best places in the country to raise children.

I am in favor of the Steamboat Springs School District proposed bond measure because I want to alleviate the capacity issues and to give the school district the tools it needs to maintain excellence in our schools. Personally, I want my granddaughters and every child in this town to experience the added educational and athletic programs this plan offers.  

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Indeed, "Steamboat is our home," and I want what is best for this community.

Russell Scott

Steamboat Springs