Ron Pollard: Disappointed in system |

Ron Pollard: Disappointed in system

I was very disappointed how delegates were awarded to Cruz without the opportunity for local Coloradans to vote.

After reading Steve Hoffman's commentary, "Fair and Square in Colorado," I now understand how the caucus system works but still think most Coloradans would prefer a primary where all voices could be heard.

I'm a strong supporter of Donald Trump, not only for his successful building enterprises in America and across the world, but also because he is a non-politician, and I think he will indeed bring back jobs, build our economy, reinforce the decimated military, secure our borders, work with the military leaders to defeat terrorism and make America great again.

These are very trying and dangerous times, and we need a leader similar to Trump who speaks to what he thinks and what many Americans want to hear, unlike many politicians whose approval ratings are low because they talk the talk but don't walk to get things done.

However, when the convention begins and Trump doesn't have the required number of delegates needed, I, and hopefully all Republicans, will rally by whoever is chosen as the nominee.

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May God bless America.

Ron Pollard

Steamboat Springs