Robin Stone: Views not understood |

Robin Stone: Views not understood

I am having some difficulty understanding the views of the school administration and some school board members as presented in the Nov. 5 Steamboat Today front page story, "Board discusses bond."

I agree with Superintendent Brad Meeks that "the solution presented wasn't the solution the people wanted." However, the superintendent also said that "the community is engaged and people are reaching out."

Without a doubt, the community is engaged, but they are not reaching out; they are pushing back. They are pushing hard, really hard. They voted over three-to-one against 3A and nearly four-to-one against 3B.

School board member Robin Crossan suggested purchasing the Overlook Park site even though the bond measure failed overwhelmingly. This strategy seems unwise and presumptuous. Not only is it putting the cart before the horse, but it basically tells 75 percent of the voters their votes do not matter. 

I agree with Crossan that we have an obligation to plan for the future. But whereas she seems to define "we" as the school board alone, I define "we" as every community member.

Referendums 3A and 3B failed — overwhelmingly — because they were not the right plan for the current situation. The school board was blind to the fact that many community members, businesses and parents were not supportive of the plan. 

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I would hope that the school administration and the school board would now step back and take a breather. They should not be preparing a new plan without community input.  Rather, if they want a successful plan in the future, they should be reaching out to the community to ask what they need, what they want and what they are willing to pay for. 

Robin Stone

Steamboat Springs