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Rick Pezzoli: The wrong message

I was disappointed by the front page photograph in the March 8 issue of Steamboat Today.

The image is of a cyclist riding the Core Trail with a dog off leash. It looks like fun, but it sends the wrong message.

There are off-leash areas in the city, and the Core Trail is not one of them. Most residents know that it is both dangerous and illegal to have a dog off-leash on the Core Trail, but some residents and visitors may be misled by this photo.

Visiting families enjoying the scenery, toddlers, narrow lanes and blind corners require extra safety and awareness on this busy biking and pedestrian amenity without the additional variable of off-leash pets.

I would hope that Steamboat Today would exercise more discretion as to the choices of message presented in future issues of the paper.

Rick Pezzoli

Steamboat Springs

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