Renee Patterson-Gaerlan: Reunion well done |

Renee Patterson-Gaerlan: Reunion well done

There are a few milestones brandished at a young age that Americans are familiar with — first word, first day of school, first kiss, moving out of mom's, marriage and dun, dun, dun … the 20-year high school reunion.

The gathering ritual of this event is often greeted with the lingering thought 40 is around the corner, you may not have become the president of the United States, a glamorous night out is a night in sans kids and sleeping until 8 a.m.

On July 31, a group of people came together as if time stopped and something magical took over. Who you are, what you have become, where you have gone; all relevant, yet somehow unimportant in the story that unfolded under a full moon and carried on for several days.

Steamboat High School Class of 1995 not only created lasting memories but also rallied for David Virgili in support and solidarity. We are a very lucky few that will ever experience having the same friends since childhood, let alone gathering in the old stomping grounds to create new memories 20 years later.

The copious amounts of laughter, love and unadulterated innocent fun that organically unfolded will endure for some time to come. Well done Class of 1995, well done.

Tremendous and special thanks to the following Steamboat Soldiers: Randy Weber and Wendy Amendolari, Dayshia Koroulis and Chris Maten, Amber Kuzilic Blazek and Hahn's Peak Roadhouse, Gayle Ginsberg, Jason Ward, Chris Curren and City Market, Tony Counts and Power Ice, About Skin, Jacob Girty and the city of Steamboat Springs, Eric McClland, Mike Coy and staff of Slopeside Grill, Char and the Steamboat Springs Pro Rodeo Series, Pete VanDecarr and Backdoor Sports, Angie, Sheri Gibson and Steamboat Resorts, Chris Walsh Designs, Michael Burin, Matt Cloven, Steamboat Grand, Rabbit Ears Motel, Holiday Inn, Tom Ross, Kevin and Leelen Koroulis, Alpine Taxi, Storm Mountain Express, Margie Briggs-Casson, David and Linda Andrews, Jim and Gayle Dudley, Mark Dudley, Tiffany Bell-Kubat, Coach and Karen Drake, Coach and Karen Meek, Marty and Shauna Lamansky, Bill McKelvie, Mr. Galusha, Winston and Cynthia Walker, Luke Tellier, David Virgili, and all of the amazing alum from SSHS. Once a sailor, forever embraced,

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Renee Patterson-Gaerlan

SSHS Class of 1995 reunion organizer, Norfolk, Virginia