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R. Guthrie: Be safe this summer

Springtime in the Rockies — a great time of year to shake the winter blues and get out the bike. However, the city, county and chamber in their rush to crown Steamboat Bike Town USA neglect to inform visitors ( and those who aren't familiar with Routt County Road 129) of the real dangers of sharing the road with trucks and trailers.

I live in Clark and have first-hand experience being run off the road due to bikers, trucks and impatient drivers. For the most park, bikers are considerate and ride as far to the right as possible.

The problem with C.R. 129 is that it's narrow to begin with and there's no lane for bikers. Added to that, it often has no shoulder. Put two vehicles passing each other and a biker in the middle, and you've got an accident waiting to happen.

If the driver behind the biker is impatient and pulls into the path of the oncoming car or truck, you've got nowhere to go — a ditch if you're lucky. The loss of eight to 10 seconds to allow the oncoming car to pass is little price considering loss of life or serious injury.

Signage warning of the upcoming dangers might be useful to visitors thinking of the nice ride to Hahns Peak. Be safe this summer.

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