Paul Wellman: Quit teasing the bears |

Paul Wellman: Quit teasing the bears

Letter to the editor
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This letter is in response to a March 26 Steamboat Today article, “Bears back in town.”

I have seen this tragedy play out from here to Aspen. I was always taught to not feed the bears but I guess it must be a good idea to tease the hell out of them and then to shoot them when they have gone too far.

Hint — they are bears. They will go after anything their nose tells them is something tasty right under that pesky steel lid. Heavier steel containers is not a real solution.

Steamboat is a budding green community, so why not a mandatory no compostables in trash cans law?

Divert anything the bears might smell into sealed containers kept out of reach of critters. Compostables would be picked up by armed units in case the bears decide to pull a raid.

This is not “la la” land stuff. I was subscribed to Fertile Ground Coop in Oklahoma City. They have curbside service and drop off points (mostly community gardens). The price was about $20 a month. After you have been a member a certain time, you can start getting super sweet soil back.

Quit teasing the bears.

Paul Wellman


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