Noreen Moore: Response impressive |

Noreen Moore: Response impressive

I was close at hand for the incident of the suspects who carjacked a car in Aurora and then beached it at the end of Routt County Road 7 last week.

This letter is to praise the actions of both my neighbors, the Clynckes and the entire emergency/SWAT team for Routt County.

The professionalism, calmness and caring of this team is a gift to all of us. Never having been in a situation such as this, I was so impressed at how this incident was handled. The team that assembled itself around this situation is an example of how safety and great police work come together.

No one knew the whereabouts of these armed people. The fact was they were somewhere in our neighborhood. The SWAT team showed up and went to work quickly and efficiently. Their respect for the knowledge of the Clynckes was evident, and together, the efforts were mutually respectful and effective.

Once the suspects were located, the negotiator did an outstanding job of resolving this potentially harmful incident into a peacefully resolved outcome. Indeed, once the suspects were in custody, the negotiator thanked the suspect that was on the other end of the phone for helping to bring the crisis to a good end.

Sometimes it is so easy to think of any combat-ready person as being very hard nosed and insensitive. What carried the day was the fact that our law enforcement and emergency responders, in a very tense and dangerous situation, never lost sight of being decent people and neighbors.

On a humorous and quite telling note, one of the local ranchers, Rick Milway, was stopped for the road block. I knew it was his birthday, so I began singing “Happy Birthday.” The SWAT and EMTs joined in. So I know they care and can carry a tune in addition to putting their lives on the line for us.

We are proud of all of our neighbors who become part of this emergency response team. They are there for us.

Thank you,

Noreen Moore


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