Mark Hartless: Co2 not dangerous |

Mark Hartless: Co2 not dangerous

Colorado's marijuana growers use a "secret substance" to make their plants grow bigger and faster; a substance the EPA has said is "dangerous" and "threatens public health." Nevertheless, Colorado's growers continue pumping this colorless, odorless, acidic gas into their crop at more than quadruple natural levels, to increase yields of marijuana.

This substance reacts with water, producing carbonic acid that humans can absorb, affecting respiratory and cardiovascular systems, possibly causing headache, dizziness, increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure, convulsions and coma.

You can ignore the EPA. This harmless "boogie-man pollutant," artificially jacking Colorado's marijuana crop, known as carbon dioxide, is widely used to increase plant yields in greenhouses around the world.

Co2 is an "atmospheric fertilizer." Today, we know that increasing Co2 in earth's atmosphere is having some effects … some very good effects. Satellite data now shows significant "global greening" resulting from increasing levels of Co2. Rising Co2 is bolstering plant life across the world, including crops humans rely on for food.

Contrary to assertions that global warming causes deserts to expand, data from 1982 forward shows this "fertilization effect" has caused gradual greening of arid regions where Co2 increases caused a remarkable 11 percent foliage expansion, versus what would have occurred had Co2 remained at 1982 levels.

Foliage in the United States has especially benefited. Many western regions experienced a greater than 30 percent increase in foliage.

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Carbon dioxide is emitted from your body with each breath, and it is gladly inhaled by plants. They love it. They thrive on it. They want more of it. If given more, plants in many parts of the world will respond by turning our world even greener.

The fertilizer effect of Co2 is well known throughout the scientific community. Has any fossil-fuel opponent, environmentalist, teacher, politician, news reporter or anyone in a leadership position ever told you about this positive effect of Co2? Why not?

Mark Hartless

Steamboat Springs