Luther Brentson: Keep rates affordable |

Luther Brentson: Keep rates affordable

— I want to say kudos to Patti and Tom Zehner and also to Bob Burks for their comments about reconsidering senior ski pass rates in their letters to the editors last week.

I think they both stated the issue on raising the rates for seniors well and reflect the sentiments of most of skiing seniors in Steamboat. The rate hike for seniors definitely indicates that the Steamboat Ski and Resort Corp. is not friendly to seniors.

In addition to their comments, I would also state that not all seniors have deep pockets and the same is also true about many of the working people in Steamboat. The working people are the ones who make this place function and special, but many of them cannot afford the enjoyment of skiing the Champagne powder snow in Steamboat because of the lift tickets prices.

I hope that it is not too late to reconsider a rate reduction for the coming ski season.

Thank you for the many enjoyable skiing days that my wife and I have enjoyed here, but as we age, our skiing days are getting fewer each year.

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Luther Brentson

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