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Loretta Van Norstrand: No vote a mistake

I was very unhappy the Republican Party made the decision to eliminate the vote of the people to express their support for a presidential candidate.

This tells everyone that a few party insiders decide for all. It said to the bulk of us in the Republican Party, "your opinion doesn't count; we know what's best for you."

As a life-long Republican, it brings serious questions as to why this decision was recently made (a few months ago). I have spoken to many who decided not to attend their caucus because of the cancelled vote. I was one.

So, the real result was to discourage caucus participation by regular Republicans, and that is only the beginning. Now, because of this, people are leaving the party. Maybe that is what you planned so the influence of elites and insiders is not diluted by those pesky GOP voter opinions.

Loretta Van Norstrand

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