Linda Lewis: Bike through chemicals |

Linda Lewis: Bike through chemicals

"Bike and hike through toxic chemicals in beautiful Steamboat Springs." This could be our new marketing tagline to let the public know that we spray 2,4-D on some of our most loved and used trails, Spring Creek and Emerald Mountain.

Although this chemical has been linked with birth defects and cancer, the city and county are using it (and others) to kill "noxious weeds." These plants could easily be controlled with goats, as is being done in Summit County and Boulder. Goats prefer weeds to grass, are non-toxic and leave manure behind to improve the land.

Why increase our exposure to toxic chemicals (remember when DDT was safe?) when an environmentally sustainable alternative is readily available and fits with our agricultural heritage?

If you'd like to voice your concerns about the use of 2,4-D to the city, contact Brad Setter, Howelson Hill supervisor, at 970-871-7035, or email bsetter@ Contact the Steamboat Springs City Council and the Routt County commissioners at their websites.

Our beautiful place on earth deserves better and more thoughtful care.

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