Libby Meyring: 4-H youth hard at work |

Libby Meyring: 4-H youth hard at work

Scattered across the county, Routt County 4-H youth members are busy at work every day getting ready for the Routt County Fair. Many have had their animals since November, feeding and caring for them daily.

The Routt County Fair takes place Aug. 7 to 16. The culminating event for the kids who have a livestock project is the Junior Livestock Sale at 5:30 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 15, where they will sell their animals. There are many ways you can support the Junior Livestock Sale. You can purchase an animal with a group of buyers, donate the meat to charity or add on money to a member's final bid.

Here are some reasons to support the sale:

■ 4-H animals are some of the best quality in the nation and are locally raised, drug-free and support efforts to use the whole animal.

■ 4-H supports the education of local children and encourages articulate, well-spoken, organized and adaptable youth to pursue success in life.

■ 4-H members have to keep business records properly on their animals, which encourages financial responsibility. It is estimated that over 80 percent of kids use their money from the sale for higher education.  

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■ Knowing where your food comes from is not only very important, but it teaches a lifelong lesson to children, while shaping their future decisions in regards to food, cooking and nutrition.

■ 4-H sets high standards of care for the animals that are exhibited in its shows. It gives participants a good, solid motivation for practicing the best animal care that they can. It also encourages the young agriculturalists to educate themselves more on things like animal and crop genetics.

■ You are encouraging our youth to see the value that hard work pays off.

■ Free advertising — as a buyer you will be recognized in several ways.

■ Support youth who give back to our community. A Tuft's University study on 4-H found participants get better grades and make wiser social decisions than their peers. The study also found 4-H participants are three times more likely to contribute to their communities when compared to kids who don't participate in 4-H.

Routt County is recognized as having one of the top sales in Northwest Colorado. There are many businesses and individuals who have supported the Junior Livestock Sale for years — some for more than 50 years. I urge you to make our sale the top in the state and support our Routt County youth.

Libby Meyring

Steamboat Springs