Ken Collins: Now is time for peace |

Ken Collins: Now is time for peace

On Jan. 4, 1961, three U.S. Marines, James Tracey, Mike East and Larry Morris, walked out of the U.S. Embassy to the flagpole and lowered the flag. They folded it and walked away from the grounds.

Watching them were hundreds of people hoping to get visas enabling them to go to America. It wasn't going to happen.

On Friday, Aug. 14, more than 54 years later, those same Marines, with Secretary of State John Kerry in attendance, returned together to raise Old Glory up another flagpole at another U.S. Embassy, a new one. It was the same city, Havana, Cuba.

We now have begun talking again to our nearest non-abutting neighbor nation.

It is about time. It is about diplomacy. It is about peace.

Ken Collins

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