Joann Marion: Ski area should invest in some bear proofing |

Joann Marion: Ski area should invest in some bear proofing

I read with interest your article regarding bear-proof trash containers and the fact that all properties owned by Yampa Valley Housing Authority will now have bear proof containers. This is great news for the safety of the bears.

Last week, my husband and I took a walk to the base of the ski area. As we approached from the south, the first thing we encountered was a trash container that had been invaded and trash strewn all over the area. This caused me to become aware of the trash containers at the ski area, and I noted that all but one are not bear proof.

In a city known primarily for its ski resort and its wildlife wouldn’t one think that the first place to have bear-proof trash containers would be the ski area itself? Why are all but one trash container at the base area not bear proof?

Recent articles in the newspaper addressed the safety of moose at the ski area. With summer fast approaching will we be worried about residents and tourists having to deal with bears?

It’s time that those involved with the ski area take note and invest in bear-proof trash containers.

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