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Ed Miklus: Defeat air service tax

For 2016, there will be no cost-of-living increase for those on Social Security or military pensions. The reason is the infinitesimal increase in the Cost of Living Index, or CPI. For example, February 2016 is 0.1 percent. The inflation rate ending in February 2016 is 1 percent.

No matter, because in the alter universe of Steamboat Ski and Resort Corp., it is perfectly acceptable to raise the senior season pass rate 20 percent.

The previous writers on the subject should be commended for their efforts to have that increase rolled back. However, we should not hold our collective breaths for that to happen.

It is my opinion that Ski Corp. really doesn't care about the Steamboat Springs senior citizen skier. It's take … take … take, and give nothing in return.

So, I only hope that the voters of our fair community are not so generous a second time and will resoundingly defeat the renewal of the corporate welfare tax known to some as the quarter percent sales tax for the Air Service Program.

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In November, the voters too can take … take … take their quarter percent sales tax for their own pockets.

Ed Miklus

Steamboat Springs