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Ed Miklus: City must hire smart

Regarding the police investigation, the present presents us with, in my opinion, bogus legal advice that has enhanced stonewalling, obviated transparency, is coupled with a continuum of poor decision making by the city manager enhanced by inane public pronouncements and the release of "Pablum Report 6."

The future presents us with the most important decision that faces any community, the hiring of a chief of police.

In my opinion, the present City Council does not have the competency or the leadership gravitas to be involved with that decision nor, despite the city charter, should the city manger play any major unilateral role in the selection process.

The hiring of a new chief must be delayed until after the November elections and the seating of a new city council. Further, the involvement of several residents who have high-level hiring experience and a working knowledge of the comprehensive due diligence process would dramatically enhance the public's confidence in the hiring process and lead to the best hire. The Routt County Sheriff should also play an integral role in the selection.

"Men judge more from appearances than reality. All men have eyes, but few have the gift of penetration. Everyone sees your exterior, but few can discern what you have in your heart."

— Machiavelli, "The Prince" 1532

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We as a community must hire smart.

Ed Miklus

Steamboat Springs