Dennis D. Brust: Government scandals, fraud, corruption |

Dennis D. Brust: Government scandals, fraud, corruption

When researching this subject it didn't take long to get angry with our government. These issues are enormous, tragic, embarrassing and should make every American angry once the magnitude of the corruption is known. It covers many of our officials, both Democrat and Republican, and many departments at the local, state and national levels. Many lawsuits have been filed against our government.

Government scandals are one of the most important issues; most citizens don't know much about it, as most news organizations only cover breaking news issues or, in some cases, don't cover at all. I came to the conclusion that several pages of our newspaper could be used to cover the facts and information on this issue. Some of the most important cases will be included. Hopefully, you will make contacts and express your concerns and ideas.

■ Fast and furious scandal — Guns to Mexico and the death of one of our border patrol agents. Our attorney general was guilty of perjury and eventually resigned his office.

■ IRS scandal against conservative organizations trying to get 501(c)3 designations. Slowed the process down, or didn't get designation.

■ Email scandal by Hillary Clinton is now being investigated by the FBI and House select committee. Every week, we hear about more emails of a higher security breech nature, so far, more than 2,000.

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■ Voter fraud — There are more than 4 million illegitimate voters, 1.8 million deceased voters registered to vote. There are more than 200 counties with more people registered than adult residents. There is an orchestrated effort by many states to rid their voter rolls of the deceased, non-U.S.-citizens, convicted felons, duplicate voting and fictitious people. American Civil Rights Union — the pro-American answer to the ACLU — is filing and winning lawsuits to force counties to remove names of ineligible voters and fictitious people to reduce voter fraud. The Department of Justice is fighting this effort and against the federal law.

■ Only 16 states have strict voter ID laws. Government is suing states to block ID requirements.

■ In 2010, there were 5,000 illegal immigrants registered to vote in Colorado. Now, there are 12,000.

■ Corrupt executive orders — The current administration has used 184 of these orders to make policy in education, welfare, labor laws, the environment, immigration and most importantly, against the second amendment.

■ Breaking the laws by a president is corruption. Changing the law is an overstep of authority. Judicial Watch has filed 165 lawsuits against the current administration. They expose and prosecute corrupt Republican and Democrat politicians.

■ Benghazi scandal — The attack on our embassy killing Ambassador Chris Stevens and his team. The cover-up and lies of Hillary Clinton following the attack. A video was blamed by the administration. This was investigated, and we saw the coverage on TV of this investigation, but will anything happen? The movie "13 Hours," produced by eyewitnesses, should be seen. Ambassador Chris Stevens contacted Clinton 17 months earlier expressing security fears.

■ Veterans Administration — There are big problems due to the waiting times that include the death of our veterans.

■ Huge expensive parties — $822,000 was spent in Las Vegas for a government party.

■ Clinton Foundation — speeches and conflict of interest gaining $2 billion since 2001.

■ Military vote — Many of our military men and women don't get to vote. We can't have a political party in control of the voting process.

■ There is $60 billion of fraud in Medicaid and Medicare per year.

■ Many politicians are getting money from donors to vote "no" on Keystone pipeline.

■ Solyndra funding and layoffs until after the 2012 election. This cost taxpayers half a billion dollars.

Dennis D. Brust

Steamboat Springs