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David Ihde: It’s the Republicans turn

This letter is in response to Brodie Farquhar’s letter to the editor dated Tuesday, May 9.

What’s the matter with you Brodie and others on the left who have written letters recently to this newspaper decrying what the Republicans passed for healthcare? Where were you when all of those smiles were on the faces of President Obama and the Democrats when they stuffed the ACA down the throats of the American people against their will, not caring that they lied over and over again about keeping your doctor, your hospital and your insurance if you like them?

You and your comrades on the left didn’t care a lick that many were going to lose their insurance as well as their doctors and hospitals then, did you? You didn’t care that the ACA took $700 billion from Medicare, did you? You didn’t care that the ACA was a coup for big pharma, did you?

I’ll say this, when your Democrat politicians get bought, they stay bought. Those on the left such as yourself wear hypocrisy as a badge of honor.

But while you and others on the left were busy celebrating, the Democratic Party was busy losing and was not smiling after the 2010 elections or the 2014 elections nor the 2016 elections, losing all three branches of the federal government and numerous State Houses and governorships because of the ACA, better known as Obamacare.

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And as Obama himself has said many times, elections have consequences. But that does not mean Republicans are against the poor, the elderly, people of color or anyone else for approaching this problem differently than how the Democrats would. That’s just another ridiculous red herring that those on the left like yourself espouse when losing an argument.

With that said, it’s now the Republicans turn, and they are on the political hot seat. But the only way Republicans won’t have smiles on their faces come 2018 is if they actually replace Obamacare, creating a whole slew of new unintended consequences, instead of repealing it back to the states where it belongs constitutionally and what they campaigned on.

Yes Brodie, the states, that clever thing our Founders gave us for self governance, the division of power and what one famous person correctly says are, “the laboratories of good ideas and the isolator of bad ones.”

David Ihde

Steamboat Springs