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Dave Peregoy: Statement needs proof

In his recent letter to the editor, Jim Erickson makes a simple statement asserting there is no proof that man made CO2 is responsible for climate change. His only basis for this claim appears to be that he is one of the founders of the Steamboat Energy Group.

Mr. Erickson is certainly entitled to his opinion, but without backing it up with any documentation, he gives the impression that he is firmly in the climate science denial group. These folks want to deny any change at all, or if there are changes, nothing can be done to fix the problem.

We should not accept this. The simple fact is that an overwhelming percentage of scientists studying our climate have agreed that manmade CO2 production is not only responsible, but can be reversed if we act now. With a bit of effort any of us can find the results of many studies that have been ongoing for several years.

I will agree with Mr. Erickson that coal plays an important part in our local economies, and we must all be mindful of how any current or future EPA regulations will affect all of us. However, simply denying that we have a serious problem that must be dealt with is irresponsible.

Dave Peregoy