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Darci Mohr: An apology to Partners

I’m sorry Partners of Routt County, its regular and school-based mentor employees, board and supporters.

As I sat in the crowded room last night with 20-plus Routt County Partners supporters before the Education Fund Board, I realized that I had not followed my personal values, and as a result, these 20-plus people were hurt due to my actions.

I told myself that my participation in the three superintendents’ letter was well intended, but my approach to the problem was still hurtful and offensive. This is not who I am or want to be as a professional or person.

The disagreement between the Routt County school districts and the EFB has existed for some time, and I respectfully believe that over time, the process for awarding money to the Routt County school districts has evolved into something that may or may not be consistent with voters’ intentions.

I don’t know. But, I do know in the time I’ve been involved with it, there seems to be a reluctance to talk about and find answers to school districts’ questions about EFB’s authority and process for spending taxpayer dollars intended for school districts in Routt County.

I don’t apologize for advocating strongly for Soroco as that is my responsibility and passion. I do apologize for how I went about it and for hurting and/or offending anyone involved, especially Routt County Partners, its numerous wonderful advocates, staff and supporters who work tirelessly for the betterment of our children. I thank you all for what you do every day for every child.

I thank the EFB members for all they do for our Routt County Schools and children. It is an honorable and important job you do.

I especially want to thank Sam Jones, EFB president, and Jay O’Hare, EFB vice president, for modeling for me the way we should resolve complex and controversial issues, i.e., we identify a problem or concern, we sit down face to face, we respect each other’s perspectives and points of view, and we talk it through to accomplish understanding and resolution.

One final, but very important note: I cannot thank the taxpayers, voters, city of Steamboat and EFB for every penny they provide South Routt School District. It does makes a difference.

In my 20 years serving public education, this is the first time that I have seen this kind of selfless, giving commitment on this level. I applaud you as a unique and special community that doesn’t just “talk” about the importance of an equal education for all children but actually gives of itself to make it happen.


Darci Mohr

South Routt School District superintendent

Oak Creek

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