Carol Markowitz: More parking, not less |

Carol Markowitz: More parking, not less

Dear Editor,

Seriously? The city is going to eliminate 12 parking places on Yampa in order to make the street more friendly to pedestrians and bikers?

Our real need is more parking, not less. Who really thinks people are going to hike to town from Howelsen, especially in the winter when it’s snowy and icy?

We do need good sidewalks and lighting, but why a promenade, and why do we need to give up parking for a wider bike path? The parking on Yampa is at a premium now, and the need is just going to increase as more businesses open on the street.

It seems our city fathers are more interested in making town appeal to tourists instead of focusing on the needs of their residents. Look at the disastrous bump-outs on Lincoln. Who came up with that idea?

And now we are cutting back on our valuable parking, which appears to be a great mistake. Apparently, it is too late to stop this ridiculous plan for changing Yampa Street, but it is certainly misguided to discourage locals from shopping and dining downtown.

Keep our parking on Yampa.

Carol Markowitz

Steamboat Springs

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