Carl Nordquist: Steamboat too PC |

Carl Nordquist: Steamboat too PC

Regarding the article about the "Courthouse lawn ruled out" in the Aug. 5 edition of Steamboat Today, I was struck with how P.C. we are about how we address the important things in our lives.

Kyle Case was so moved by the loss of lives in the 9/11 attack, which took 2,977 of our citizens, that he wanted to plant flags on our courthouse lawn honoring each of those lives and was denied to do so by our county government.

The reason given was that the county would not want to be put in the position on denying the placement of the Confederate or Nazi flags. We elect our government officials to exercise reason and good judgment in governing.

The comparison of a Nazi flag and an American flag honoring the lives lost on 9/11 is a stretch beyond believe. If we want government that is just "yes" or "no" with no exercise of good reason or judgment, then we don't need elected officials, just an umpire that calls the balls and strikes.

God bless Yampa Valley Bank for accommodating Kyle's wish to honor the lost lives. I would bet they are not afraid of having to honor a Nazi flag.

Carl Nordquist

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