Brodie Farquhar: Open letter to Rep. Tipton |

Brodie Farquhar: Open letter to Rep. Tipton

Dear Rep. Tipton,

I saw a group photograph of you and your fellow Republican House members, taken after you all succeeded in passing the American Health Care Act in the House.

You were all smiling — not just for a group picture, but in celebration of a slender victory. I was wondering why all the smiles, when the AHCA is a disaster for the vast majority of Americans.

Maybe you were smiling at the thought of the $880 billion taken from Medicaid and given as tax breaks, mostly to millionaires and billionaires. I’m sure they’ll be grateful and send you and your Republican fellows a great deal of campaign donations (or should I say bribes?) in the future.

I’ll say one thing about you GOP politicians — when you get bought, you stay bought.

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Maybe you were smiling at the thought the AHCA winds back the clock and gives for-profit insurance companies everything they want — especially the ability to gouge consumers. Yes, and that’ll mean hefty campaign contributions headed your way from health insurance executives.

Or maybe you all are smiling because of that conservative mean streak in you all — the one that despises and resents the poor, seniors, minorities of color, the LGBT community, the disabled, the addicted, women and children. Do you know or care how many people will lose their health insurance if the Senate passes a similar bill?

Do you know or care how many people will die an untimely death annually, or face bankruptcy and mortgage foreclosure because of catastrophic or preexisting conditions that means insurance can only be obtained by those who can afford drastically higher premiums and deductibles?

And how clever of you all to leave it up to the states to make decisions that could be quite devastating to individual health and finances. That way, the Republicans in Congress dodge direct responsibility for future pain and suffering, while creating conditions (puny block grants for large health issues) that push states to make the toughest calls while you keep your hands clean.

Do you know or care that the 178 million people with employer-provided health care could see their benefits drastically trimmed or capped? You all are allowing insurance companies to pick any state with lousy coverage requirements to be their template for all states.

What’s the matter with you?

(Still smiling? Wait until November 2018 and see who is smiling then.)


Brodie Farquhar