Bill and Andrea Hayden: A momentous decison |

Bill and Andrea Hayden: A momentous decison

Dear friends and neighbors, we have a momentous decision that is going to be brought before us on Election Day, and it is this: Do we continue with the fluoridation of our drinking water in Hayden, or do we discontinue its use?

All the prevailing studies by health professionals, both in highly accredited universities and by our local health providers in Hayden, strongly recommend that we continue this necessary treatment of our drinking water supply in our town.

Why, do you ask? A little more than 70 years ago, almost 50 percent of adults lost their permanent teeth, and in young kids and adults, most lost two or more permanent teeth and had a high incidence of tooth decay (excessive cavities). This could and did lead to a lack of self-esteem and poor overall health.

Most of the studies done on this health problem all agree correct fluoridation treatment in the drinking water corrected this previous dental hygiene deficiency.

What do we do know now? Do we take the Vitamin D out of milk? Do we quit iodizing salt? Do we go as far as taking the striping out of the middle of the roads?

We must invest in the health of our communities and the future health of our children and grandchildren. Your children and grandchildren's smiles are in your hands at the ballot box. Vote to keep them smiling.

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Bill and Andrea Hayden