Anne Kroeger: Consider outdoor rink |

Anne Kroeger: Consider outdoor rink

Dear Editor.

I read with great interest the article on improvements to the ski area. I am a home owner in Steamboat and have been for 30 years. I love to ice skate, but there are too many planned activities at the present ice rink.

I grew up in Denver, and it was a wonderful opportunity, to go outside and skate on area ponds, or to Evergreen or other small ponds in the mountains. I think the Steamboat area could justify having an outdoor skating rink.

Many guests do not ski, and this would be a drawing factor for them to come to Steamboat. It also gives people something to do in the evening for fun. It is a super way to spend an evening on a date.

An outside rink would be invigorating to say the least and a great money maker. It could be built in the area where all the buildings were torn down a few years ago.

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Please consider an outdoor skating rink.

Thank you,

Anne Kroeger

Longview, Texas