Alvin Skiles: Slap in the face |

Alvin Skiles: Slap in the face

I was shocked to learn that the senior ski pass for 2016-17 at Steamboat Ski Area was $599, up from $499 for 2015-16. This increase is a slap in the face to seniors, many who have skied Steamboat many years prior to reaching the senior age of 70.

Researching the cost of two other senior passes in Colorado for the 2016-17 season revealed that the Winter Park pass is $309 and the Rocky Mountain Super Pass, which includes unlimited skiing at Winter Park, Copper and Eldora plus six days at Steamboat, costs only $449.

If Steamboat Ski and Resort Corp. desires to be courting seniors, the Steamboat senior pass cost should be similar to the two passes mentioned above.

Alvin Skiles

Steamboat Springs