Al Lampe: Protecting our rivers |

Al Lampe: Protecting our rivers

I recently received the July 12 issue with the cover story about the impact of tubing on the Yampa River. (It takes a while for the mail to reach us here in the rural Midwest.)

Missouri has what we think are the world's finest canoeing, floating and/or tubing streams. The crown jewel is the Ozark National Scenic Riverways that primarily consists of the Current River. We, too, followed the not-so-great American tradition of loving something until we almost loved it to death.

The Leave No Trace organization has published a list of principles in "Things You Should Know Before You Tube or Float." Perhaps those seeking solutions to the problems on the Yampa will find therein a pearl of wisdom that will help them to solve at least some of the problems.

Under the heading "Dispose of Waste Properly — Trash," note that Ozark stream tube floaters are encouraged to bring all their trash back with them. They are provided as many red mesh trash bags as they need, and they are asked to separate aluminum cans from other trash. Separate receptacles for alumninum cans and trash are provided at the take-out point.

Steamboat prohibits styrofoam coolers on the Yampa. One of the things Yampa clean-up crews commonly find is styrofoam coolers. It would appear that somebody is not getting the message.

I wish Steamboat success in its search for solutions.

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Al Lampe

Washington, Missouri

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